Secure communication for authorities and courts with PrivaSphere Secure Messaging (eGov)


As a basic method for electronic transmission, the regulation on electronic transmission in the context of civil and criminal proceedings as well as debt management and bankruptcy proceedings (VeÜ-ZSSV, SR 272.1) provides the secure delivery with a platform. Such a delivery platform has numerous advantages over normal electronic mail (e-mail): in particular, it allows the confidentiality and integrity of entries and messages to be kept and both the dispatch and the receipt of the messages sent via the platform can be verified with timestamps.

Application examples

With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging, government authorities and courts receive electronic input from citizens and lawyers safely and comfortably - and send documents, such as decisions over the internet.

Forms are also available, which allow an initial check of the inputs (mandatory fields, attachments as a qual. signed PDF, etc.). The authorities and courts will also immediately submit a "Report for Certified Signed Documents" (

Similarly, the courts and authorities can safely transfer documents to citizens, lawyers and other recipients.

Advantages and functions

  • Available everywhere
  • Data in Switzerland
  • ISO 27'001: 2013 certified
  • Out of the box
  • No installation (HW / SW)
  • Secure availability (form)