Configure Interface

Most email programs use a forward button. This button is used to send the mail you just received to another recipient.
If you check this checkbox a button to forward email will be displayed in your inbox, your outbox and in every view where you can read your email.

The reply all function allows you to answer all the recipients of this message at the same time.
If you check this checkbox, a button allowing you to reply all recipients will be displayed in the inbox, the outbox and in each view where you can read the email.

It's possible to delete message from the server. Once a message is deleted it cannot be restored.

The screen resolution affects the way the user interface looks like. Small screen resolutions could cause problems or uncorrectly displayed pages. This option allows you to optimize the user interface for a screen resolution of 800 x 600 dpi.
When you use this option the user interface will be optimized for small screens. Eg. too long words in the message subject are hard hyphenated.